Sunday , March 26 2023

The Gulf states are increasing their investments in US bonds in September


GCC contributions to US Treasuries and Treasuries increased month by month in September last year About 2.45% To reach 292.026 billion dollars, compared with 285.574 billion dollars in August last year.

Saudi Arabia's largest contribution to US bonds and bonds rose by 3.9 percent last year to USD 176.1 billion, up from USD 169.5 billion in August, according to data from the US Treasury Department.

The UAE's investment in the GCC has risen to $ 60 billion from $ 59 billion in August.

Kuwaiti investments also increased from 42.9 billion. US $ 43.8 billion US dollars in September.

Although Qatar's investment in these bonds dropped to $ 1.27 billion in September, compared with $ 1.34 billion in August.

Oman's investment in these bonds dropped to around 10.85 billion dollars at the end of September, compared with 11.38 billion dollars in August.

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