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The gang is attacking a car that has money with axles and knives and steals a "quarter"

Dubai Criminal Court (ICC) yesterday launched an African gang court that attacked a car with axles and knives and attacked its chief, security officer and other staff and stole 265,000 dirham from the money exchange company in the second district of Muhaisan.

In this case, the gang members, nine of them aged 22 to 35, and one of them were refugees, used the money transfer operators' concerns about receiving cash from the exchange company on the same day in July. They attacked them with white weapons, they attacked them before they could steal the money bag just received from the company branch, they left the car with a car waiting for them, after the knives destroyed the front frame of the vehicle. Transfer of Victims to Hospital for Treatment.

Surveillance cameras, after the police, who came to view the alarm of the exchange branch of the exchange company, reported that the defendants were monitoring the site before committing the crime.

According to a public prosecutor's investigation police representative, the stolen bag was opened empty 500 meters from the crime scene, and the investigation and investigation of the criminals indicated that they used a stolen car from Sharjah and fixed it on the car they used to escape. The people of Ajman Emirate will be arrested after the necessary procedure and agreement with the Ajman police.

During the arrest, the accused admitted that the refugee was planning to commit a crime because he was a guard in the same area, had information about the places and times of transport, indicating that they had arrived in the area two weeks before committing the crime. And on the day of the accident, they met the Sharjah emirate and distributed the role to each other before they arrived at the crime scene with two cars and committed the crime as intended.


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