Tuesday , March 2 2021

The French parliamentary group welcomes the UAE's humanitarian initiatives

The Parliamentary Friendship Group of France and the UAE welcomed the UAE's humanitarian aid and development initiatives around the world, highlighting the viability of the UAE Red Crescent Governance programs and projects.

It was at the time when Dr. Amelia Lacravi, Secretary-General of the Commission, Mohamed Ateeq Al-Falahi, Chair of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of the French-Emirae in the French National Assembly.

"Crescent is one of the most active humanitarian organizations and the most successful in providing assistance to those affected by the Yemeni arena," said LaCrafi, expressing the group's boom and appreciation for its efforts to improve the provision of humanitarian assistance to disaster and crisis victims.

For his part, Noting that such meetings reflect the vision and guidelines of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bina Zaida Al Nahyan's Government Representative in the Dhafra region to highlight the role of the country's humanitarian aid at all levels and to find out the message and initiatives of the Red Crescent in Yemen's humanitarian situation.

He said that the meeting was coordinated with the Federal National Council, in cooperation and integration of the role of state institutions, in order to reflect the efforts and initiatives of the UAE to relieve suffering and to preserve human dignity.

During the meeting, the Secretary General of the Red Crescent reviewed the country's strategy for providing humanitarian aid to various nations of the world. He emphasized that it depends on the principle of non-discrimination by providing assistance in terms of gender, race or sect.

Mahdi Al-Hamed, General Secretary of the Abyan Provincial Council, and Yahya Al-Yazidi, Director of the Education Office, revealed the distribution of 20,000 school bags delivered to the first grade pupils by the UAE's Red Mid Term.

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