Sunday , January 29 2023

The colors of the house "The Knife and the Pig". An employee tries to kill his manager in the UAE because he has been expelled from work


The Emirates Ajman Criminal Court sentenced the defendant to two years in prison for an attempt to kill the director of the company in which he is working due to his expulsion. The court ruled that he had to leave the country after his execution.

Case studies show that AA, 34, intentionally and intentionally killed the victim, prepared the necessary equipment for killing, brought the knife and the iron chain, wore a black mask and went to live. The victim monitored him 3 days before the incident.

According to Al-Bayan in the UAE, the perpetrator knows when the victim leaves his home and where to stop his vehicle in the building where he lives.

The victim saw that the victim stepped out of his apartment, went to his car in a state of the building, and then raided his inside the car and patted him with the iron chain on his face. When the victim tried to escape and resist him and the accused stripped himself of a mask from his face, the victim identified him as his job at his company. I killed you and stroked them in my thigh and then tried to avoid it.

The defendant returned and killed him several times in the back, intending to kill him, causing him serious injuries, and then steal his phone and escaped from the scene.

According to the guard of the building, someone told him that there was a dispute in the parking lot, and when he was present, the victim revealed bleeding. He called the police and national ambulance and was taken to a hospital.

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