Wednesday , October 5 2022

Tesla is named after Elona Maska


Tesla has appointed a new council chairman, an experienced adviser from Telstra, Australia, on behalf of Robin Dinholm, who will succeed Elon Mask.

Although Masak has resigned as chairman, he will remain the leader. Masque was forced to step down after the US government accused her of "fraud."

The dilemma began when Mask announced its intention to sell more Tesla shares as a result of which the share price and value increased significantly. Immediately thereafter, Maska abandoned his previous plan, forcing the US authorities to intervene, accusing him of misleading investors.

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Based on the above, the US government imposed a fine of $ 20 million in Tesla and Maska.

Maseska's recent actions have also triggered investor protests that push for more musical control of Muska's leadership, especially after making marijuana smoke videos.

Giant recently announced its first annual profit since its creation, while it was called the "historical income".

Source: BBC News

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