Monday , June 5 2023

Sumaya Al Khashab launches "My Heart O People" .. Video


Sumaya Al Khashab launches "My Heart O People" .. Video Al-Fursan Network Quotes Juli We Download For You Sumaya Al Khashab launches "My Heart O People" .. Video, Sumaya Al Khashab launches "My Heart O People" .. Video We distribute to you our Knights and start with the best news, Sumaya Khashab launches "my heart, people" .. Video.

Egyptian singer and actress Sumaya al-Khashab released a new song titled "My Heart and People," a song by Soha's Hisham Sadiq on their YouTube channel.

This summer, Sumaiya is to submit her song in the Egyptian dialect when she shows her last song in the Gulf of Outage "O Poor."

Sumaya chose a romantic form to return to his audience after more than two years of absence, where the lyrics were "My Heart, John Tappan of Li Biakdova Khair and Maidovush … Shail Keterr Hamulah in the hearts of her hearts, not Birmmosh .. My heart is Jan Dahad Amti Heidi and Maiderdloch .. I need people to support me in times of trouble and Maherbush.

An Egyptian artist was subjected to a new filming session recently to return to the lack of media for the public.

Soumaya Her lovers took part in her Facebook account, several photos that appeared in a long blue dress, and looked delightful with the surrounding nature where she was in Hurghada.

An Egyptian artist commented on the scene and wrote: "I am where there is beauty and nature," and it looked very simple using a soft haircut and hairstyle that was not careless and the artist received many comments from the public that did not create beauty in the pictures.

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