Tuesday , October 26 2021

Sultan bin Zayed takes part in the first day of camel racing


HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE vice president and president of the UAE Heritage Club, saw yesterday, Sunday at Camel Racing's Sweihan, His Highness Sheikh Dr Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at Al-Asil, according to the Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival The Thirteenth Session of 2019, organized by the Emirates Heritage Club and Sultan Bin Zayed Center with His Highness Patronage, will continue until tomorrow night.

HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, His Highness Sheikh Dr Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and several senior camel owners, foreign tourist groups, a large audience and a large crowd of media visited the six-kilometer hike and awarded four competitors. From the age of 16 to 20, where the red color began, followed by green, then white and black, and the other half from 21 to 30, including Annabi and Alkhali.

The Supreme Committee organized the organizers of the top ten winners in each prize, winning first in each car, second 22 thousand dirham, third 20 thousand dirham, fourth 18 thousand dirham, fifth 17 thousand dirham, sixth and 16 thousand dirham and seventh AED 15 000, AED 13 000, AED 13,000 and AED 11,000.

The winners are crowned

Sheikh Obaid Bin Salmeen Al Mansouri, Hameed Saeed Boulajj Al Rumaithi, Executive Director, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Obaid Ali Rashid Al Mansouri, Deputy Director General of the Sultan bin Zayed Center, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Committee, Winners of the First Centers in Six Games, Age Group (16-20 years), Three Kilometers, Won the First Said Mohammed Saeed Ali bin Hilweh Kutbi's Law «Slhoud "Back, but won the second half of Fayyad Rashid Obeid al-Hali al-Hajri" And since the third half of the old Rashid Obaid Al-Hajri Helli won the "Mirage" on the back.

In the second half, Hamls Obaid Mohammed Obaid Khasouni Al Ketbi won Hamlula Hamlula in the back. Ahmed Rashid at the back of Saif Alshawi Ghafli «Ajyam».

Quiz Competition

The winners of the contest were the first-party winner Mubarak Ali Mubarak Al-Karbi with 64.92 kg of milk, Salem Saeed Mohammed Khoitem Al-Rashdi with 60.70 kg and Saleh Tarshum Mohammed Al Ameri with 60.46 kg. Fourth place was Ali Mabkhout Obaid Musallam Al Mahrami with a total number of 59.85 kg, Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Khuwaydam Samhan Al Meshali with 59.58 kg, Hamid Bin Mabkhout Bin Saleh Ghbarar Zghbenout, a total of 58.38 kg and Zaid Mohammed Suhail Salem Al Rashed A total of 55.84 kg, and the eighth Hadi bin Hasan bin Muslim center Zaabnot total 55.40 kg, and in ninth place Ali Mohammed Suhail Rouge's total milk reached 54.61 kg, but the solution in tenth position Brhac Khoeetm Amiri with a total of 54.48 kg.


The organizing committee congratulated the winners on their efforts and enthusiasm for the success of the competition and expressed their desire to preserve the legacy and tradition of this original camel race.


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