Tuesday , October 26 2021

So keep the weight without dieting


Some simple details can help maintain a healthy weight without following a diet. Brightside offers six tips:

1 – Eat leisurely

The study found that people who eat fast can gain weight more often than those who eat slowly. Eating slowly and chewing the skin will feel complete, even if you eat less. To train yourself to eat slowly, you can count how many times each bite has chewed and gradually increase the number.

2 – Make sure you drink water

Drinking water is important for the health of your body. Drinking water before eating can help you lose weight because you feel completely. This does not consume additional calories. The study found that people who drank the pint of water 30 minutes before eating ate less food than the people who didn't. A 12-week study found that people who checked and drank water before eating lost 44 percent of their extra weight compared to those who didn't.

3 – Eat a red dish

It may seem strange, but experience shows that people drink or eat less if the cup or dish color is red, unlike, for example, cups or blue dishes. The reason for this is that the red color gives a signal to stop.

4 – Beware of sugar drinks

Added sugar is a major cause of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. There are 52 grams of sugar in one sachet, which means that men are recommended to exceed 37.5 grams a day and 25 grams for women. It is advisable to drink healthy drinks such as green tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice.

5 – Eat two eggs a day

The study, published in the International Obesity Magazine, found that two eggs eat weight loss during daily eating, because high protein content in eggs makes you feel fuller for longer.

6 – Don't forget breakfast

Due to lack of time, we sometimes do not eat breakfast or eat enough to harm our health, breakfast not only gives you enough energy to start your day, but also reduces the risk of diabetes, weight gain and heart disease. Research shows that breakfast contributes to weight loss.

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