Saturday , February 27 2021

Shares to earn 4.3 billion for foreign purchases

At the end of the market, domestic securities markets at the end of the trade reached more than 4.3 billion dirhams, supported by foreign and institutional purchases, targeting leading stocks in the banking sector, while liquidity recovered again, again surpassing the 400 million dirhams barrier.

The Abu Dhabi market grew by 1.1%, reaching 5,021.17 points in terms of banking, real estate and goods, while the Dubai market slightly increased by 0.03% to 2,776.38 points, with shares of banks and transport companies increasing.

The total liquidity amounted to 423.74 million euro, of which 141 million was in Dubai, 282.74 million were in Abu Dhabi and 147.7 million were sold, Dubai distributed 89.7 million and Abu Dhabi 58,000,000, using 4907 transactions.

The bank

Abu Dhabi market growth, reaching 2.07% for the banking sector, supported Abu Dhabi's first return of 2.8%, Abu Dhabi Commercial 1% and real estate rose 0.27%, up 0.59% compared to a decrease of 0.66%.

The telecommunications industry lost 0.12%, while Etisalat lost the game, while the energy sector leaked 0.67%, while Dana's gas fell by 0.88% and energy by 0.93%.

Abu Dhabi first had the most traded shares with 168 million AEDs, followed by Abu Dhabi Islamic shares with 22.32 million AED followed by Etisalat with AED 21.45 million. Agthia was the biggest winner with 3.68% and Abu Dhabi National Hotels was 10% loser.

Real Estate

In Dubai, the banking sector grew by 1.14%, Emirates NBD reached 2.77%, Dubai's Islamic exchange rate was 0.19%, the transport sector – 0.86%, Aramex – 1.67%, as well as Air Arabia and the Gulf Navigation stability.

The real estate sector fell 0.83%, Emaar Properties, Arabtec lost 1.31%, Damac 0.49%, Diyar 1.84%, Emaar Properties 1.55%, investment and investment 2.74%, Dubai investment dropped by 3.8%. DFM shares remained unchanged.

Emaar Properties had the most traded shares with AEDs of 27.4 million, followed by GFH with 23.75 million AEDs, Dubai Investments worth 23 million AEDs. Emirates NBD had the highest profit margin of 2.77%, the largest decrease of 4.83%.


Foreign investors and Arabs had net investments of 67 million dirhams, of which 62 million were foreigners and 5 million were Arabs. In contrast, the Gulf investors and citizens sell it, net investing 67 million dirhams, 7 million of which were allocated to the Gulf States and 60 million people.

The investment portfolios in which they used to buy Abu Dhabi net invested 5 million AEDs. In Dubai, net investment was AED 25.5 million, while private individuals used to sell Abu Dhabi with a net investment of AED 5 million. Dubai with a net investment of 250,000 AED.


The FTSE NASDAQ Dubai 20 index rose by 0.59% to 3236.31 points, after selling 605.05 million shares with 9.3 million dollars in 76 transactions.

Transactions in derivatives markets were followed by 9170 contracts, valued at 3.45 million AEDs, with 38 transactions. The first Abu Dhabi agreements rose 2.8%, Abu Dhabi commercial bank 1.01%, Union Properties 0.16%, Arabtec 1.31%, and Emaar Properties 1.01%

* Disclosure

The Al Sagr National Insurance Company reported a net profit of AED 25.1 million for the period ending in September, compared to AED 16.6 million for the respective period in 2017, which is by 51%.

The Omani insurance company's profits rose by 7.5% to EUR 87.45 million in the first nine months of 2018 compared to 81.28 million in profit over the same period last year.

The profits of Al Ain National Insurance Company during the first nine months increased to AU 52.98 million, compared with AED 43.05 million in the same period last year.

The Gulf Medical Design Company has received AED 43.4 million for nine months compared to AED 1.43 billion for the same period in 2017.

Foodco Holding's profits in the first nine months of this year amounted to EUR 50.69 million, compared with AED 85.38 million in the same period last year.

The Mithaq Takaful insurance company has earned a profit of AES 13.92 million for nine months of this year, compared to a profit of 1.92 million AEDs in the same period in 2017.

The National Insurance Company of Fujiawr has earned AED 33.85 million for nine months of this year, up from a profit of 21.56 million AEDs during the same period last year.

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