Monday , September 20 2021

Secrets of the week: 6 common causes of female infertility

Fertility problems take care of many women and prevent infertility when they have a family that has long been dreaming about and share the causes of infertility for a number of reasons, according to British Standard Media.

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If the fallopian tube is damaged or does not function effectively due to blockage, it will not allow the semen to reach the egg for fertilization, and this condition also interferes with the introduction of the fertilized egg into the womb.


Tumors in the womb can grow outside, and these tissues often grow in the ovaries and fallopian tubes, causing irregular menstruation and inability to get children..

Polycystic Ovaries

Embolism is a hormonal disorder causing minor ulcers on the outer ovaries, resulting in male hormones being produced more than usual, often resulting in irregular cycles and increasing the risk of diabetes mellitus and obesity.


Many women suffer from fibrosis problems, that is, muscle growth in the womb may be non-violent, fibroids usually grow on the uterine lining and cavity, rarely refer to the outer surface.


Thyroid hormone is a key factor in regulating ovulation in women. This gland plays an important role in the process of pregnancy, and therefore low levels of thyroid hormone can lead to ovulation through ovaries leading to infertility.

Number and quality of eggs

Female eggs produce different eggs each time, and in some cases, the eggs are not effective for a successful pregnancy due to several factors including aging that affects egg quality.

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