Sunday , March 26 2023

Scientists discover a substance that prevents the spread of cancer


Sharjah 24 – Ona:

Basel University, Swiss scientists have discovered a substance that inhibits the development and spread of metastases or secondary foci of cancerous tumors that have been shown at the last stage of cancer.

In a scientific study, scientists say that 90% of cancer deaths occur to carriers.

When cancer cells spread in the bloodstream in new tissues away from the primary tumor, the cells divide and form clusters that cause the disease to spread.

The key role in the formation of these groups is due to the mechanism of genetic control, which makes certain stem cells similar to cancer cells helping them to adhere to tissues and decompose, and it has been shown that the destruction of these clusters in individual cells inhibits the mechanism, researchers said.

The researchers examined the 2486 approved medical products from the Food and Drug Administration and found that the Na + / K + ATPase inhibitory substance, in laboratory mice, analyzed individual cell sets and later tested patients with breast cancer.

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