Wednesday , October 5 2022

Replace the old medicine with new ones. Here are the reasons


News Now Dubai – United Arab Emirates

"Replacing old medicines with advanced substances regularly brings significant health benefits and helps to prevent side effects that may adversely affect treatment," Daily Mail said.

"The same use of the medicine for a long time may not work, especially chronic diseases that are constantly being used," said Tom Ghentry, British health specialist. "Consider cholesterol-lowering medicines such as atorvastatin, which are constantly updated, but thousands of patients use older versions that cause more side effects," he says.

Helen Stokes Lampard, Professor Helen Stokes Lampard, Professor of the Royal College of the United Kingdom, points out that "people with chronic illness should consult their doctor regularly to get new prescription drugs that are appropriate for their development." So many specialists and specialists are developing new versions to reduce their side effects. "

Lambert recommends that patients immediately visit their doctor after unusual symptoms have arisen after the use of the medicine and after a new prescription the doctor will adjust the dose, choose a new medicine or replace it with another one.


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