Sunday , March 7 2021

Pornographic magazine is not the latest

Liverpool Mohamed Salah has continued its controversial series of recent social networking sites.

This happens after the player has recorded a photo on his personal Facebook site, which has the pornographic Playboy logo, and wearing a mask to prepare for a team training camp in preparation for a trip to Egypt.

Playboy Project or Playboy Project appeared in reverse letters.

Egyptian football fans are accustomed to the moral commitment of Mohammed Salah from the beginning to the witch, where the Koran does not leave the player's hand, either he plays with Egypt or Liverpool.

But recently, the player had a strange behavior caused by a dispute between his fan and a fan around the world, supervised by Arab Eurosport as follows:

His picture on Twitter with girls in Maldives

In the fifteenth year of July last year, Salah ignited Media Media on a page posted by any Liverpool on its first page.

Where the photo collected Salahu with one of the most beautiful beaches on the holiday, holding the player with juice in hand, and the film girl will accompany her.

"Salah seems to enjoy its time during the holidays," commented the page.

Fan comments about this image were destroyed, and some of them were surprised at the unusual strike against Salah, and some showed their desire to start the English League again to see Salah again at the stadiums.

His image is bald with a dog

On the first day of October, star-star Mohamed Salah, Egyptian star and Liverpool Club took part in social networking sites. He was bored from inside him, laying on his abdomen, invented a little dog and, as a rule, all the images published by Salah interact with thousands of his followers.

Body pain book

Yesterday an Egyptian player created a new photo through Story on his personal page on the InStagram website.

The image that Salah published this time on the title of Chapter 7 of the book, "Eliminates Body Pain".

The image of the indifference book

His image, reading one of his books, created another interest in the book The Art of Nonsense, written by Mark Manson, and Arabic in Harets al-Nabhan.

"The art of indifference … to live a life that is contrary to the familiar." The author says that "it is not necessary for a person to be positive at all times, and the human key is more powerful and happier by dealing with a better attitude in bad situations."

The chapters on how to overcome human obstacles to his life, logically preventing the avoidance of their avoidance and their fear.

Newlook and a new hair story

Last October, using social networking sites, Mohamed Salah, Liverpool and Egypt's star with a new hairstyle was featured.

The image triggered a satire response through social networking sites.

Mysterious brilliance

On July 2, Salah, a mysterious Twitter using his Twitter account, caused disputes between users of social networking sites that they worked hard to explain.

"Some may think it's over, but it's not over yet," writes Muhammad Salah. "There must be a change."

The brilliance caused a lot of controversy, because it was unclear what some people interpreted as a call to step down from the Egyptian Football Federation, due to bad results in the Pharaohs World Cup, ending with three beats.

Others continued to think that the moment indicated the opportunity to leave the player to the England club and transfer it to another team.

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