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Latifa reveals the desire for her life and she longs for her career!


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Latifa reveals the desire for her life and she longs for her career! From the HEA website on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Cairo – and Monday July 11, 2015 – 03:13

Tunisian artist Latifa took part in her artistic and artistic dreams and dreams of her life with several tweets in her Twitter account and revealed her desire to play the music theater again.

This is what Latifa dreams of in his life

Latifa Tunisia opened her life with a Twitter twitter dream that she dreamed of being a theater, studio and testing room, and photography studio, and said, "Umniah Hayati and Helmi live on the first floor, theater and lyrical theater.

Latif expressed his desire to stand on the stage, especially in another lyrical stage of the chitter. She said: "The theater is rich, and the theater is located in a theater where there is not much. The joy of the theater does not correspond to artistic joy." Latifa had previously experienced a solo experience at the Musical Theater with Mansoor Rahbani entitled "Teachers' Language".

Latifa is currently in Dublin to perform new artworks she has not revealed after her latest concert at the Arabic Music Festival in Kaif at the beginning of this month and she is currently preparing to showcase her new TV show DMC, Yala Hengni.


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