Tuesday , September 28 2021

Ibrahim al-Debai: My goal without restrictions

The lights of Abu Dhabi, whose reflections in the water affected the darkness, were the same as the singing by artist Ibrahim al-Debaja, which was silent in the cafe Optimis, based in Abu Dhabi.

He played oud with a craftsman and sang "all the details," one of the most famous songs of the Arab artist Mohammed Abdo. Al-Deba said in a speech: "My goal is not to deal with art, and I try to reach the shrine of the artist Mohammed Abdo one day."

Technical coincidence

The new artist, Ibrahim Al-Daba, who was only 24 years old, moved easily from one song to the next, and each song itself represents the world as "Night" by artist Abdelrub Idris, which he showed with the same conviction and craftsmanship.

Experiment experience is not long, but in Debit's art it was related to the coincidence, who said: When we forgot my cousin Oud in our house, and this was in 2012, I began to try to play it. He continued: I continued to study later under the supervision of my cousin, who introduced me to my foundations and learned, and so I heard and studied.

He said he was constantly singing at one of Abu Dhabi's cafes. He said: I was working on self-developing singing and playing songs. He pointed out that it is not limited to a specific song color. He explained: I will play Umm Kulthum and Mohammed Abdul Wahab songs, and I have the skill to play different Iraqi denominations.

Singing talent

A beautiful voice is a gift from God, the Almighty, said Ibrahim al-Deb & # 39; s. "I sang before I learned to play oud," he said. "I sing songs because I was a student at school.

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