Thursday , March 30 2023

From the judicial system a new development is expected in the case of Saad


After almost two and a half months, when Saad was in French prisons for a second time, due to a new rape case, his case returned to the French judicial system after his lawyer requested a temporary release for the second time.

You can only wait for his temporary release for the second time

The sources show that Saad had just been subject to a lawsuit and a fresh inquiry into the French judicial system at the request of his lawyer for his temporary release of several guarantees, which the court had not decided, and decided to postpone the decision to the 22nd session, and Saad hopes that the court and his lawyer will decide to skip as the first case.

"Unfortunately the interruption of the interview between the girl and Saad and the judge refused to investigate with Saad's hearing," said one of his friends, who also explained why the decision to release him was postponed due to the request by the court to confront Saad. "He said.

"However, the lawyer will provide more guarantees next week to allow the temporary release of Saad and Anshalah and the lawyer is optimistic," Saund's friend told his audience. "The audience in the audience is waiting for a signal of hope in his case after being accused of rape the second time in August after his case, the first at the end of 2016.

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