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Flash – Susanna Denidge is the first female executive of the Premier League

© Getty Images / AFP / Archive The picture, dated July 26, 2018, to Susanna Dienaga, who was named President of the Premier League.

LONDON (AFP) – The England Premier League announced Tuesday that it will appoint a new CEO, Susanna Denige, for the former England manager.

Susanna Deneidge is currently the President of Animal Planet, one of the Discovery Animal Entertainment Group, and will be taking over the next year from current CEO Richard Scudamore, who has been in business for 19 years.

"With club and team support, I hope to expand the association's success for many years," she said in a statement.

Her new challenge is to try and keep a steady increase in television rights in the league, which Scudamore has been working on in the last 20 years.

When Scudamore took over the leadership of the association in 1999, the value of TV rights to the Premier League was around £ 670 million (around € 770 million). Under the recent agreement of 2019-2012. The annual rights were sold at more than £ 4.5 billion (€ 5.18 billion).

If most of the money comes from Sky TV and BT, the new giant in this line is the huge US e-commerce giant Amazon, who has purchased 20 games.

"Susanna was an obvious choice given her career in complex contractual management in the context of digital transformation and turmoil," said Chelsea boss Bruce Pack, who led the new campaign leader.

Denigne was appointed on the same day that Buck announced a £ 250,000 contribution to each of the 20 Premier League clubs to create the 5 Million Golden Roof Exit CEO.

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