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FilGoal | News Direct Final Africa – Espérance fans start to enter the stadium. National Movement Processes and Declaration of Formation

Only 90 minutes from the return of coffee and the ninth Ahly celebration.

Submit your own 2018 AFC Champions League final cover between Tunisian Esperance and Egyptian Ahly.

Al-Ahly has a 3-1 victory over Al-Ahli, and the Egyptian player must avoid losing Rades with two or more goals to secure the title.

To keep track of the game right away and minutes to a minute from here

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** Notice of the formation of Ahli against Esperance. (Know it from here)

18:30 Espérance fans reach the Rades Stadium

The Egyptian Ambassador to Tunis Nabil al-Habashi, who started playing tales before Ahlan's fan rush, has a taboo list.

It is not allowed to list all of the following.

Al Ahly Shirts are forbidden to wear while traveling to Rades Stadium.

Bus windows are not allowed from the hotel to the stadium during the flight.

Esperance fans are not allowed to cause in any way.

Please close the bus window windows completely.

The police have dozens of cars to provide Ahlwai fans with a caravan consisting of seven buses to the stadium.

Police dogs will be searched for fear of any planting explosives.

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** Debt for fans and Al Ahli players move to the Rades Stadium.

** Ahille's team with the masses and the media will move in one procession to Rades Stadium.

15:25 Al Ahly fans arrive at Carthage Airport to attend a meeting. The numbers are estimated at at least 2,000 fans.

15: 20 Ahmed Fathi and Mo'Sakari arrive in Tunisia to support the team against Esperance.

15:15. Ashraf Sobhi runs a player hotel in Tunis and meets with club president Mahmoud El Khatib, President of the Egyptian federation Hani Abou Reddu and the chairman of the presentation company, Mohamed Kamel.

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