Wednesday , January 19 2022

"Federal National Technology" continues to discuss a bill that regulates the space industry


Sharjah –

The Federal National Council's Committee on Technical, Energy and Mineral Resources meeting on Sunday, headquartered in Dubai, chaired by Mohamed Ali Kamali, chairman of the committee, discusses a draft federal law on the regulation of space, consisting of 55 articles.

The Committee consists of the Committee's Rapporteur Afra Rashid Al Basti, Aisha Rashid Latim, Jamal Mohammed Al Hay, Faisal Hareb Al Zabahi, Khalid Ali Ahmed Bin Zayed and Suhail Al Dhahiri.

He said that the committee continued to discuss the provisions of the bill, with the participation of representatives of the Emirates Space Agency, exchanged views on some points of the law and answered questions from committee members on some technical and scientific issues.

He added that the committee held several meetings with representatives of the parties concerned in the bill, exchanged views with them on some of its issues, asked about the draft law and examined the studies and reports produced by the secretariat. The nature and impact of space objects, the efforts of universities in the field of space science scientific research, and the type of collaboration with international institutes dealing with space science to train students.

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