Thursday , January 21 2021

Eyes persecute counterfeiters to preserve their rights

Al Ain Club denied any link to the "fake" speech used in social media, including incorrect information on the request to purchase one of the Arabic football stars, but the club made a great dissatisfaction with the content of the "fake" speech, underlining that he did not belong in any way Club, pointing out that he has practically begun moving the procedures that retain his rights and turning to anyone who asks himself and his strange ideas to submit a negative and irregular idea to this idea.

Al-Ain's statement says that the fake letter dated June 20 referred to a request to purchase an agreement on the Arabic ball stars, containing the club's "old" logo, and the date of sending the 2013 letter – six years ago. raises questions about the essence of this stage Their experience and the purpose of promoting the report.


Al-Ain stated in a statement published on its website and in the official accounts on the Internet that perpetrators of counterfeiting and prosecution of official channels were committed during the previous proceedings, but the club pointed out that anyone who makes such unacceptable practices is subject to sanctions, The eye will not allow you to offend by using these inexpensive methods and will face anyone who tries to offend its history and privacy.

On the Internet, false letters from Al Ain to President Zamalec were invited to buy the Mahmoud Abdel Moneim contract.


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