Tuesday , March 2 2021

Establish a national center of excellence to provide an improved platform and database for higher education development plans

Dubai, November 14 (WAM) – The Ministry of Education has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the company
Elusian, in which the National Center for Excellence will be opened in 2019.

The National Center for Excellence will work with the international company Elusian
Leading programs and services for higher education on system maintenance
The electronic system allows higher education institutions to use best practices
The technology tools in its operational management and management also provide a database
A single higher education information allows institutions and the ministry to implement and strengthen
Development plans.

The memorandum was signed by his Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Mualla Secretary of the Ministry of Education
Higher Education Academic Affairs and Laura Ibsen as President and Director
Elosian CEO, where the partnership is expected to strengthen this process
Understand and devote education as a basis for building and improvement of society, as well as investments in the Ministry of Education
Instruments and resources to achieve this vision.

In accordance with the provisions of the memorandum, the Ministry of Education will benefit from its partnership with the company
ILOSIAN provides best practices, systems and technological tools
The ministry and higher education institutions in order to achieve a comprehensive administrative coordination
Complete process automation and improved data vision by focusing on header creation
Human capital, operational efficiency, better cost management and better security
The information will also provide a clear vision and extensive information base for everyone
Aspects of higher education sector and immediate availability for stakeholders to get it
Data-driven decisions.

Commenting on the signing memorandum of understanding, HE Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi said
Minister of Education, the ministry is trying to strengthen the special plan
Higher education strategy in all its aspects and process of management automation
Operations, data management, as well as human and financial resources
Modern technologies are an important factor in ensuring this plan with greater success and opportunities
And identify the best standards for the development and achievement of the higher education system
Integration with public education.

He added that the national strategy for higher education is closely related to the goals
Public education is the answer to the challenges of using the best education methods
Within this framework and in harmony with general education paths
In turn, the level of education and its strength will strengthen and will be reflected in the final result
The outcomes of education and work competencies and the needs of the labor market with qualified staff
Education, vocational, inquiries and skills.

He explained that this agreement will help to improve these aspects by using them
Providing a sophisticated model for the company that simulates what we are looking for and strive to provide
And to improve its work, noting that this partnership will create the opening of the center
National excellence serves as a platform that will enable the ministry to achieve its vision
In this field and in accordance with the vision of the country and its 2071.

For his part, Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Mualla, a national strategy
Higher education is based on four main areas: quality and harmonization
Innovation and efficiency, and aims to produce a generation that is scientifically prepared and armed with the best
Skills and knowledge are productive and can contribute to building a sustainable knowledge economy
Active participation in the public and private sectors, research directions and entrepreneurship
The company has stable values, responsibility and high ethical standards
Be connected with national values ​​and identity for tolerant and open cultures

Establishing a national center of excellence would foster all aspects of the strategy
State Higher Education, which will enable the ministry and universities
Thanks to the provision of best practices and processes and improved data quality
Allowing them to provide programs and results and adapt them to the requirements of the state and the labor market
Improving the academic, operational and financial efficiency and innovation environment.

Laura Ipsen said Elosian was affiliated with the Ministry of Education
Is the contribution to a long-term partnership with which we are trying to document the work
Both parties provide the Ministry of Education with logistics services to return
The higher education sector and the existence of the program will significantly improve
Continuous improvement is the meeting point where we try to find the best
Smart practices and solutions to improve the higher education system through
Modern technology, which provides a high database, allows the ministry to manage
Resources in the field of higher education.

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