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Elephant "elephant" crosses the Palestinian legs and prevents movement

Drag with trivial steps
Palestinian Bassam Abu Yousef, whose feet weigh about 30 kilograms
Land because he suffered from "elephant disease".

Abu Yusuf is hard (50th
A few meters in his house in the city of Abasan, east of the city
Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

More than three years ago
Months that suffer from almost complete cessation of movement and no longer have a person whose feet swell
An explosion that is able to pull great pain and fear of complications.

So his hands rest
In front of a large window in your living room for people to watch abroad
But he doesn't take part in the couch, except for the absolute necessity, he says to Anadol.

These Bulgarians turn on
The restriction reported by doctors is the storage of fluids in the foot that is diagnosed
Known later as "elephant disease" known scientifically as "filariasis"
Lymphatic system.

According to the information provided by the Health Organization
"Elephant" occurs when elephants migrate to humans
The mosquito road, which usually got an infection in childhood, while causing harm
Visible in the lymphatic system.

According to FAO,
Infections with small elephants are transmitted to mosquitoes, absorbing the blood when the person bites

Filari is mature
Microorganisms turn into infectious larvae of mosquitoes, and when infected mosquitoes bite
In the case of human infection, adult parasitic larvae accumulate on the skin where they can be taken
In the body.

Then the larvae move
Lymphocytes, if they become adult worms, thus continuing the transmission cycle
Causes (tissue swelling) in general or elephantase (increased skin / tissue) in limbs.

It is possible to drive
The health complications that the patient considers to be a constant obstacle to foreigners
Psychological and social losses and financial losses leading to clutch disease

The onset of the disease

Abu Yusef disease started in mid-2015 when short swelling soon appeared in the short thigh
The volume increased with a mass increase of approximately 20 kg after 7 months.

His visits failed
Repeat doctors to diagnose the disease or reduce its complications or even prescribe some medicines
What limits its catastrophic consequences, he said.

However, with the beginning of the year
In 2016, a British medical delegation was visited to visit the Gaza Strip, which approved the process
To remove the swollen part of the thigh, weighing more than 20 kg, 12 kg of liquid and the rest of the dry block and fat.

After 3 months
After the medical delegation, the disease was diagnosed as "elephant".

But the suffering of Abu Yusuf
It did not stop after the swollen part, where the new curves appeared in different places
Feet after a short time.

Elephant infection spreads
Both legs, where several curves appeared in different places of the foot.

Three months
Finally, the weight of the feet increased by about 10 kilograms, 3 kgs per month.

"Abu Yusuf" routes all clinic doors
Private hospitals, but the doctor failed to describe medical treatment.

He continued:
"The last doctor told me to save travel expenses and travel between clinics
And in hospitals your illness is not treated in Gaza. "

Growing Suffering

Missing Abu Yusuf
Now, after his fourth year of elephant illness, he has many details
He thinks it is small or insignificant in life, and he was not given it.

He says, "There is no today
Getting ready to move instead of going outside can no longer provide
Essential Requirements ".

All the circumstances have changed
Life Abu Yusif, just finding clothes that fit his legs
Like the elephant's legs, its swelling and the accumulation of guilt.

Abu Yusuf complains about
Severe pain caused by pressure caused by the mass of the feet on the joints and bones, t
And nerves in one foot.

In summer it increases
Pentecostal human suffering causes high temperatures, inflammation of regions
Swelling and exposure to body contact or external effects.

Increasing the block
The Israeli conflict imposed on the Gaza Strip in the 12th century after the suffering of Abu Yusuf.

There is no Gaza Strip
Atomic radiation devices and medical devices capable of detecting whole lymph vessels
From the infected, according to Abu Yusuf, quoting his doctors.

Treatment needs
Abu Yousef for hospital treatment outside the Gaza Strip before his injury
Unreasonable consequences.

But Abu Yusuf, who
He settled in the Gaza Strip in 2005 when he returned, his wife and children from Saudi Arabia had no identity
(Palestinian state number) through which he can go abroad.

Over the years
After his arrival in Gaza, Abu Yusuf is still struggling between public corridors to get

Today, it's not getting it
This identity has a full life because it prevents him from traveling outside the industry
For treatment.

He calls Abu Yusuf
Government and medical institutions can help him get treatment before he sees his condition
Health is getting worse.

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