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Carlos Ghosn: I'm a victim of a Nissan plot

HONGKONG (Reuters) – one of the world's most famous cars and detained in Japan, Carlos Ghosn claimed that Nissan's drivers were against him, causing them to fall.

In his first media interview since his surprise arrested more than two months ago, Ghosn told Nikkei news agency that he had no doubt that the allegations against him were the result of April's "conspiracy and betrayal", who objected to his plan to deepen her honesty with Schriket . French Renault.

Ghosn is one of the most prominent representatives of the world automotive industry and has been detained by a Japanese prosecutor since 19 November, accusing corruption and hiding millions of dollars in his tax revenue.

During the interview, Ghosn repeatedly dismissed the charges of financial irregularities he had paid, leaving the leading positions in Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, which he combined to form the world's largest automobile manufacturer association.

The fall of the 64-year-old trade leader has raised questions about the future of the Alliance, which sells one in nine cars sold worldwide and employs over 450,000 people.

Management dictatorship
In an interview published on Wednesday, Ghosn rejected claims that he had been "dictatorship" for almost two decades.

"People have interpreted my strong leadership as dictatorial to distort reality" and "get rid of me," he said.

In November, Nissan said it had started working with Japanese prosecutors after one of its informants helped detect serious Ghosn financial irregularities.

Plan to merge three companies
Ghosn first recognized "was plan" to integrate the three automakers closely, and that they were discussed with Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa, Ghosn said his plan was to grant Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi under one company roof.

Analysts have repeatedly speculated that Nissan executives were uncomfortable with the possibility that Renault and Ghosn will seek full control over the Japanese company Nissan, which sells more than Renault, but the Japanese company has only 15 percent of Nissan shares and does not own voting rights. more than 40%.

In response to the interview, a spokesman for Nissan said that "the only reason for recent events is the violation of Ghosn."
Reality disorders

Japanese prosecutors accused Ghosn of cutting income by about $ 80 million in tax evasion from 2010 to 2018 and misused its position by misusing the company to help prevent losses during some investments in the global financial crisis.

Ghosn Nikki Reuters announced that Nissan's relevant drivers had approved these measures and were not appropriate.

Nissan and Mitsubishi separately claimed that Ghosn received € 7.8 million ($ 8.9 million) as inappropriate compensation from the joint venture between the two car manufacturers.

Ghosn said the project was designed for "synergies and not for payments", and that claims of incorrect payments were "distortions of reality".

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