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Barcelona lowers semi-finals in Seville and reaches the Spanish Cup semi-finals

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) – Barcelona, ​​which won the last four seasons on Wednesday, outperformed the Rivalmonta 6-1 Spanish Cup quarter-finals, losing 2-0 victory over Seville.

Camp Nou, coach Ernesto Valverde corrected the mistake he made when Lionel Messi of Argentina and Luis Suarez of Uruguay were in the lead in the second half, and his team was almost finished today and his men dominated the game from start to finish.

Messi was rewarded after using video-assisting technology after VR was hampered by Dutchman Quincy Promes when he was worried about paying, but Brazilian attacker Felipe Coutinho led goalkeeper Juan Soriano.

And the Portuguese André Silva ball on the heel and back to the goal, bottom right (s 24), and gave Jose Sanchez, Sevilla player Rocky Mesa a similar penalty after using the video aid technology, hampered by the obstacle of Gerard Pique. Argentina Ever Paniga Dutch goalkeeper Jasper Silesen (S27).

After Brazilian defender Milo Milo picked up the ball from Sevilla's defense, Barça increased his lead, but Croatia's Ivan Rakitich broke through the ball and tried to get out of the Soriano. Binary.

Exceptional trip

The other half was excellent for the Catalan giants who were close to the goal gate in each attack, the former Seville player Raquic strengthened his team's second and third goal at the start of the game, but Soriano was present but unable to meet Coutinho one minute later. fifty three).

Before Sevilla woke up, Messi handed the ball to Sergei Roberto, who added the fourth (s 54).

The counterattack by Sevilla resulted in a counterattack that set Barselona free through the middle, but Coutinho made a save to 54 minutes into the match after Guillermo Arana fired a shot from the box towards Paniga Cross (67).

Messi was unable to raise his side shots from a short distance, and his shot from Suarez was too hard to escape from the guard's foot, and Uruguay came in the fifth half after Jordi Alba hit the left foot in Suarezu's net.

Messi refused to write his name among the scorers by adding a sixth stopover with a similar scenario: a pass from Suarez Hia Alba to Argentina, which followed them from a close range (s 90 + 2).

Win ot

Real Betis beat Espanyol 3-1 on Wednesday and reached semi-finals after 1-1 draw.

Betis left Brazilian striker Leo Batistao in 33 minutes after Viktors Sanchez was released.

Betis got off at the end of last quarter when Joaquin completed a balanced ball for Giovanni Lu Celso, Argentina, who followed him in the lower right corner (76).

Joaquin and Lou Celso managed to pull Espanyol in two more games, but Real Betis scored two more goals, using Marc Rocca's time to send, not lost (90 + 4), the missing number of visitors.

Under the leadership of Sergio Lyon, Lorena Morion (95) went to Bethis, but after a corner kick and after he reached the Algerian Issa Mundi, who left the nearest range (99th), the Andalusian player ended his third goal .

Valencia was the first to beat Getafe 3-1 on Tuesday after losing 1-0.

The quarter finals will end with Giron's meeting with Real Madrid (2-4).


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