Monday , October 3 2022

Al-Wahsh runs Esperance promotion at Al-Ahli tomorrow (Video)


Al Arabiya TV reported on a report on Tunisia's Reda Al-Ayari, entitled "Al-Wahsh", on Friday, 9:00 will be held at the African Champions League final Esperance Al Ahli.

The report states that Reza Al-Ayari, called the Esperance monsters, is an example of a maniacal fan who loves his team on the core, where he appears in all the Esperance meetings, the Tunisian Kalmah who does not miss food, Esperance likes and pays dearly, and Nafis follows his team and no problems. It is important for him to see his team's victory and effortlessly to encourage his red and yellow team, the fan engine, sick with the loss of the team, and not the minimum when the team is superior and winning.

Esperance fans said: "Esperance is enthusiastic about the players, and their presence in their full readiness, their willingness and the general public can win and win the African princess."

"We do not worry about judge, onion or police. There will be no problem, and we will not be in anyone for us. We will be busy with the stadium and only to promote our team, and in the end it will be our victory."

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