Tuesday , October 26 2021

Al Ittihad newspaper – Ronaldo – keeps his name in Portugal, despite his condemnation


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Ronaldo receives an Honorary Medal

Ronaldo receives an Honorary Medal

Cristiano Ronaldo will retain the honorary medal he received in Portugal after the honorary council of the Portuguese Republic today decided that his conviction for tax evasion in Spain does not justify their abolition. "According to the announcement by the Portuguese Presidency, the Council decided that Ronaldo's position was not applicable. It contains statutory provisions to initiate an investigation to assess the revocation of honorary decorations." Ronaldo – one of the most recognizable symbols in his country – was awarded the Infante Don Henrique Medal in 2014, which is the highest in the country. In 2016, Donors signed an agreement with the Spanish Tax Authority on winning the European Championship on January 22, giving him a 23-month prison sentence and a € 18.8 million fine for tax evasion. In 2010-2014, EUR 5.7 million was paid to the Spanish Ministry of Finance.

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