Friday , October 22 2021

Al Awani: "UAE 2019" has succeeded in achieving excellence


Arif Al Awani, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, said: "The Asian Cup has been a success for everyone. The great organizational success of the Championship highlights the UAE's highest quality and world-class competitions according to the highest standards.

He added that the tournament has contributed to the development of the UAE's reputation as the world's largest sports hub, pointing out that the Asian Cup Emirates 2019 has also gained many economic, marketing, tourism and media benefits. For the next three months, organizing the tournament, stating that it was previously announced that the tournament will cost one billion dirhams, including all related to the stadium and sports facilities development and training grounds championship, and everything related to the organization.

Al-Awani praised the media coverage of both local and international media, emphasizing that the media provided excellent coverage throughout the tournament days. In the presence of an intense media presence from all over the world, the success of coverage and excellence came from the great efforts of the media committee and working group led by Mohammed Al-Bada, as well as the great potential of the local committee that organized the entire declaration. Mein, whose number reached 1464 media.


Al Owani said: "The tournament enjoyed media respect from all the media who were interested in covering the fifteenth edition, especially that the tournament saw the media center for the first time in each stadium where the tournament was held, as well as the media committee's success in implementing the idea inspired by the Last. The Gulf Cup in Kuwait helped volunteer photographers to showcase the events and events of the tournament, which resulted in many of these images published by volunteers in international news agencies being published, with the exception of media media popularity that inspired We also thought about the last World in Russia, the result was that the Asian Cup title was sold more than 7 billion times in the UAE tournament.


Al-Awni welcomed the public participation during the tournament, underlining that the tournament's public review was over 600,000 viewers to the final race yesterday between Japan and Qatar, pointing out that the local organizing committee was already close to that figure, a great success Championship.

He pointed out that the figures confirmed the success of the championship in economics and tourism, as the hotels occupancy rate of nearly 95% in the tournament, in addition to many sports benefits, is the most important legacy of the championship in the development of stadiums and training sites and various stadium facilities after capacity building. It is enough that each team was given a training field in the tournament to select the appropriate dates for its training without linking it to the dates of the other teams. J got them during her stay in their clubs. Al Awani denied that the tournament was buying tickets on the one hand, both at home and abroad, to organize a tournament and show steep empty masses, emphasizing that 80,000 tickets were distributed to the tournament sponsors 3500 tickets per game and distributed to all games, the Organization there are no complaints in this regard.

Duration of period

Al-Awni said that the length of the tournament after increasing the number of participants to 24 teams in the seventeenth edition requires research on the elimination of the sixteenth round of the tournament and attempts to find another mechanism to become the first and second of the six groups at the end of the group stage and the best in the four groups. Al-Awni believed that the tournament period was almost a month long, almost the same as the last World Cup in Russia, noting that it was possible to find a mechanism to directly qualify a quarter of the team's Tired of the first and only best second – for example to reduce tournament time.

Simplified opening

"There is no disagreement with the AFC or a lack of progress in the relationship. The meetings were very good, and there was great coordination between the two sides during the meetings," he said. What happened between them to avoid any drawbacks that might occur in the tournament, and I believe that the presence of more than one candidate for the AFC Presidency at the next session will not spoil the friendliness of the case.

Arbitration Court

The judge said the Mexican judge's choice to lead the UAE and Qatar in the semi-finals was amazing, and some of the shock, especially the presence of some of the best Asian continent rulers, is the AFC decision, although all factors and opportunities are available since the start of the tournament. , said: "Mexican judge Ramos had a clear mistake in the group stage before the race before UAE and Qatar in the semi-final based on reports pointing to many mistakes, though y K was awarded semi-finals during which he provoked some provocations in the UAE national sample and justification some decisions and punish players from the opponent to cause mass, even if it is subject to sanctions and arbitration decision based on the rules ».


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