Monday , February 6 2023

Al Ahly Dubai surpasses UAE with double UAE league


Al Ahly Dubai plays OA 2-1 on Monday
The ninth installment of the UAE Football League, which featured a lottery draw with a businessman in Fujairah
Al Ahly Dubai Mohammed Marzouq and Jaime Ayoufi scored on the 12th and 48th minute while AAE Sheikh Diabati scored the first goal in a minute.
Al Ahly Dubai increased its lead to 16 points in fifth place, and the Emirates stands at five points in the 13th place before the last.
This is Al Ahly's seventh option in this season to lose three games and make the game, losses this season are sixth to win in the competition and in two games.
The second game was played on the 33rd and the host of Fujairah.
On the 27th and 58th minute in seventeen minutes, Tariq Ahmed Al Khadim scored the seagrass Tigali (2 goals), but Fujairah – Hilal Saeed Al Massmari – 15 minutes, while Mohammed Khalfan Ali – twice in 77th and 84th minutes. , And Fujairah raised the balance
Up to 12 points in sixth place.
This season's season is the third in the league for four games and a loss of two games – the third league season this season for three game losing streaks.

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