Monday , October 18 2021

After disputes over UAE acquisition of 15 tons of gold in Venezuela .. "Noor Capital" to find out


UAE Noor Capital has responded to reports on the purchase of 15 tons of Venezuelan gold, noting that under international law and standards on January 21, it bought 3 tons of gold from the national central bank. .

"Noor Capital is not involved in any illegal transactions or transfers. On January 21, Noor Capital bought nearly 3 tons of gold from the Central Bank of Venezuela in accordance with international law and standards," the company published in a statement on its Twitter page. What was .. "

"Until the situation in Venezuela stabilizes, the company refrains from any operations," the company said.

"Maduro (President of Venezuela) assumes Venezuelan gold reserves for liquidity, and has stolen 10 percent of reserves last week. I hope the UAE and Turkey will not participate in this crime," said US Senator Marco Rubio on Twitter. And all the companies involved will face US sanctions. "

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