Monday , September 27 2021

Abu Dhabi Island is transforming a holiday tourism map

Yas Island Abu Dhabi - archive photo

Yas Island Abu Dhabi – archive photo

According to a recent Forbes report, Abu Dhabi tourism projects on Yas Island are capable of redefining the world's leisure tourism map, where Abu Dhabi and Yas Island are one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

The report says that the island's population growth rate is 10% per annum. In 2017 Yas has visited 27 million visits, and the unique project package that Al Jazeera constantly announces makes it one of the most important attractions of regional and international entertainment.

"The quality, innovation and uniqueness of the Jas Island sites make Abu Dhabis a strong competitor to the world's most demanded leisure tourism cities," he said.

The Yas Island Water World, luxury hotels, an international golf course and Yas Mall are within easy reach of the Warner Bros. World Trade Center.

According to the report, as well as the Ferrari world with the world's fastest rotating ship and the Formula One racing track, located in the center of the artificial marina with a central hotel, covered with replaceable LEDs.

He added that this feature is not available in any other entertainment resort in the world, which attracts fans of entertainment tourism around the world, everything they need to be at a short distance from the hotel to easily access all of these features, with over 370 stores offering unique benefits. The 60 restaurants serve international cuisine.

The report linked unanticipated Abu Dhabi tourism growth with government-related tariff reductions related to the hospitality sector, encouraging new investment flows to the Abu Dhabi emirate, attracting more visitors, increasing employment rates and revenues, average stays in Abu Dhabi hotels, and increasing tourism industry contribution.

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