Sunday , March 7 2021

A young Japanese man marries a three-dimensional doll

It seems that there are already so-called "cross-cutting marriages" in which the Japanese company has acquired more than 3,700 such documents for the production of 3D puppets, of which the youngest was a Japanese young man who married a virtual three-dimensional bride – a puppeteer from reality television "" He said.

The young man took his bride to a jewelry store to buy a wedding ring. The wedding cost two million yen, while the groom's mother refused to visit her only son's ceremony, and invited as little as 40 invited guests with a letter of support.

According to the Japan Times, Akihiko is considered an ordinary married man awakened by his three-dimensional wife every morning and goes to work as a school principal. In the evening, when he told a cell phone that he was coming home, the lights turned on and then he was told that he was falling asleep.

He lies down next to the puppet show, pointing out that this is a genre of Japanese cinema and television animation, and is usually for adults and children.

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Source: Echo newspaper

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