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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Wednesday Results Scores

The evaluation results are studied with great curiosity every day. ABC1, ES, and TOTAL Competitive category first-class winner estimates. There is a point that separates from the rest of Wednesday. Unbeatable forward You say the Black Sea Rating unless the throne has a significant improvement in the classification. If the series is not broadcast or if there is no match, Osman obtains a series of exams. Yesterday Ertuğrul's resurrection was also on screens with the new section. also Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer, Eyvah Düşyyorum, Güldür Güldür Show, Children's Song, My Love, Resurrection Willow and Jet Societe also trying to put an end to the important ranking. Müg Anlı and Sweet Hard have directly influenced the ranking of the results. Undeniably, FOX, ATV and Show TV's main messages are also serious.

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Black Sea – What happened in the last section?
The bird is aware that he was not the first one when he was arrested for attempting to assassinate Vedas. Engage in a huge family behind her what Vedas will do when she hear that she wants to free her divine? Will he present the will of Vedas, or will he choose Tahir or his family at the expense of his freedom? Fikret makes a great surprise, as he learns that Vedat is doing business behind him. Who will take you away from Fiqr, Vedas? How about punishing the betrayal of Vedas? Tahir is a plan against the Vedas plan. What will Tahir do to save his breath?

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Children do not drink – What happened in the last section?
Sultan has more than ten pounds. Without indicating this weight, he does not want carrots and Simay to marry. Carrots and Sims who do not want to postpone the wedding ask for help Meltem and Haluk. Meltem gives everyone a diet to help Sultan lose weight. Now everyone, including Haloux and Riza, took a diet to support the Sultan. The hardest part in this regard will be the stove Haluk. Gönül was cruel when he learned about Tuna's message about him. There is only one possibility of bullying for yourself. However, this time, he will have a lot of trouble, until he forgives. On the other hand, Haluk finds a home for carrot and Simaham. This time, buy or rent a carrot and Simay house or a dispute. Though all this happens, Arda puts one of her worst plans to shadow the magic of happiness.


Resurrection Ertugrul – What happened in the last chapter?
Othman, Teoklu and his daughters gained shots to save when Ibilge Hatun rescued when he was killed and brought to the bag. After investigating what he had done, Ertuğrul learned that after this incident someone was on behalf of Dragos and prompted him to find it immediately. Ertuğrul learned from a unit of Mongolia's patrol that he doubled the amount he doubled, during which he knocked out the commander's hand and began his way to Konya to solve all the problems. Ertuğrul and his alpinates were captured by the elder brother of the Mongolian commander who was cut and Erkashrul was rescued in Aksakal. Ertuğrul, who has joined Aksakalam and who holds a position, will be blessed. What will be the decisive task of the Turkish state and its existence? What will he do for this task? And with what difficulties will it face this way? It was learned that İlbilge, who was portrayed as one of his talents and who enjoyed and enjoyed everything, was Umuroğulları Bey (Umur Bey) daughter, who was responsible for collecting taxes and holding a house in Söğüta. Ilbilge, his father Umur Bey and obesity came to an obesity, Umur Bey wanted to enter the Ertuğrul throne, but had a stomach in his neck during the day and neck. How will İlbilge respond to this situation? Where will the tensions between Kayılar and Umuroğulları be? During the day, what will Umur Bey do with his sword in his neck? On the other hand, Drago, who hides himself as a zodiac Sógüt, but the leader of the Christian organization, continues to carry out his secret acts against Ertuğrul. He sent his image to the bishop of Teo Ertuğrula to kill Teoklu. Will Teo be able to accomplish this task? Thanks to the men, he secretly closed the day in the trapped prisoner and in the Ertugrul Erts family, which led to Drago beats, whose trap will be activated now?

The channels most viewed on the television channel are produced on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Candidates will tell you about the Black Sea, Dirilia Ertuğrul, Mehmetik Kutlu Zafer, Eyvah Dagh, Guldur Guldur's exhibition, do not worry about your children, do you love my love and the Jet Societe's evening, from which it has finished the first?

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After the TİAK decision is adopted, it is forbidden to issue a detailed evaluation list. Estimates will be on our website at noon. 10.30

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