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"THY $ 6.20 TL, which is fixed by selling"


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Although the dollar has fallen below October 6 since October, the Turkish airline (THY) shopping catalog in October and November reached $ 6.20, claiming that the sale was on the agenda.

The Turkish airline (THY) has fixed a dollar of 6.20 pounds in two months, according to Yenicağ's claim. In the shopping catalog Shop & Miles, which covers the period from THY from October to November, the dollar rate was 6.20.

For two months, buyers had to buy more expensive products. At the beginning of October, when the catalog was distributed on airplanes, the exchange rate was 5.97. The November 1 exchange rate is around 5.77 liras. Since November, the exchange rate has continued to decline. The opinion at evening was 5.23 TL.


According to Yenicag, the calculation is made only from the yesterday's exchange rate, THY sells products 18 percent more expensive, depending on the dollar. Taking into account the exchange rate at the beginning of October, THY sells 4% more expensive products to consumers. Since the beginning of November, Dollars / TL fluctuated in the 5.22-5.50 TL band, but THY has earned huge profits from its customers for only two months.

According to reports from the Republic of THY in October-November 2018, the Shop & Miles shopping catalog, television, camera, mobile phone, bicycle, bag, perfume and jewelry has hundreds of branded products. In the catalogs, the Canon EOS M5 costs 486 thousand 600 miles, while the TL 7000 is 299 equivalents and 1,177 dollars equivalent. However, if we consider the dollar rate at 5.25 pounds, then 7 ths. 299 pounds now corresponds to 1,390 pounds. Foreign currency deposits of enterprises increased by $ 1.4 billion.

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