Tuesday , June 22 2021

The zone has not increased – News from the economy of Sondakiska

Previously, the need for high-rise buildings, but today, when the city's panorama is distorted, especially in urban transformation, indicating that they do not want high-rise buildings, the Authority, the transformation of cities since the introduction of the law in 2012, provided about 550 thousand homes. Today, 5-5.5 million homes need to be converted. In 2025, 7.5 million buildings are planned. We need to convert them as soon as possible. Bizim Stressing that a citizen does not want 20-30-storey transformation projects, the minister said he could be happy to live in his own home, but at least he least did not fulfill his social needs. Therefore, in our strategy for urban transformation, development will not be evolving, if it does not exceed 20-25 percent, "he said.


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The ministry announced that 18 provinces have built 33 orchestras and added: "On Saturday, we will open a 5-person garden. The people of Basakshir and Kayasehir will open the garden. The Hoşdere Garden in Başakşehir has a 160-acre area, Zeytinburnu Çırpıcı Çayır, which our Metropolitan municipality has made 460 thousand square meters. It will consist of 6 stages, we will open four stages of this stage: in the attacks, we have transformed about 60 thousand square meters of people into the garden of Baruthane, and this opening will take place on Saturday with our President's participation, with these parks we will provide 1.5 million square meters of green space for Istanbul. Sadece

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