Wednesday , September 22 2021

The search and rescue work is expected to continue in the Ayvalik airplane

After Ayvalik was in a land plane crash, Balijkesir said that staff working at the gas station were sharing the same images with their friends after sharing images in social media.
In the vicinity of Ayvalik Altinova, Balijkes and the Bigadiç District, to buy live animals from two mobile phone users with images of an airplane coming from the sky to the countryside, statements about the distribution of social media to security forces after moving.
Ayvalik District Gendarmerie Command and the Balikesir Metropole Municipal Fire Department, connected to the Ayvalik Fire Department head of the group, the Balikesir Municipality started a search and rescue team from the central police teams from AFAD, UMKE and 112 emergency teams from the center.
In addition to the gendarmerie teams, the UMKE and AFAD teams have tested the area described by Bircan Yavaş, an eyewitness who is working at the Bahalekiyya gas station in the Dikili part of the city of Ayvalık province.
Witness Bircan Yavaş told reporters: from noon. From 16:00 to 16:30 our station manager, the plane fell into the sky, when I began to follow the event, I immediately began to follow. The plane burned in this direction went behind the hill in Ayvalik. We could not see exactly where he was falling, because he fell behind the hill. It was a small plane. It was not a big airplane. I think it was either a private airplane or a spray airplane. Sanırım
On the other hand, teams that came to the citizens of Bigadiç who shared the images continue to seek and save their efforts at the Madras dam and the surrounding rural areas of the DSİ, which they provided with the information provided.
No flight crash was found in the search.
It was reported that research would continue until the morning, and regions would be scanned by helicopters and airplanes first daylight.

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