Tuesday , June 22 2021

The risk of lung cancer in smokers is increased 36 times

Asoc. Dr. Fatmanur Okyaltırık: "20 percent of cancer-related deaths are related to lung cancer. The most common and common cause of cancer for men around the world is lung cancer, which is a woman's estimated morbidity but increases in cigarette consumption. According to the 2014 Health Organization 32% of 58 000 400 deaths due to cancer in males and 9% of 32 000 500 deaths in women were lung cancer.

The most important risk factor for lung cancer is the use of cigarettes and tobacco products, as well as genetic predisposition, assoc. Dr. Fatmanurs Okalıtırık, "Cigarette smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals, more than 50 carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). The risk of smokers is 25 to 30 times higher and passive smoking is 3 to 4 times higher." Cancer risk is increased. After the cancer is stopped, the cancer will slowly decrease over time, "he said.


Assuming that it is possible to reduce the risk of lung cancer, Assoc. Dr. Fatmanur Okyaltırık, "In order to reduce the risk of lung cancer in preventing smoking and stopping tobacco smoking, it is possible with tobacco control attempts. Mediterranean vegetable and fruit species, weight loss, reducing the risk of air pollution also helps to reduce the risk. However, early diagnosis with screening the methods significantly increase the success of lung cancer treatment in individuals with both smokers and family predisposition before the onset of symptoms.

The main symptoms of lung cancer, cough, spasms, chest pain and blood sputum, highlighting the presence of lecturers. Dr. "People over the age of 55 and having more than 20 years of smoking or having a family history of cancer should regularly be screened for breast cancer specialists, given the need to test lung cancer," said Fatman Okyallix.

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