Wednesday , March 3 2021

The Mosque of Bosfors Electric Yavuz Selim stops electricity and cancels the subscription

The Yavuz Selim mosque in Fatih, one of the largest mosques in Istanbul, has interrupted the flow of electricity. CK Energy It was learned that the mosque was stopped due to the power of Boskora's electric teams, and the subscription was canceled. Mosque officials said they could not heat the mosque and that society was a serious victim.


The state, municipalities and philanthropists play a leading role in mosque electricity costs. The mosque lights cover the country, the minaret and the exterior lighting. A mosque for heating the interior needs a different meter and electricity subscription. The heating costs are covered by the mosque's budget.

According to the new Şafak website, the Yavuz Selim mosque officials, CK Energy was not able to compensate for the payment of the bills from the mosque's budget, because in the course of several months there were problems with Boğaziçi Elektrik bill payment. Then the company's officials from the mosque cut electricity. BEDAŞ, who was not happy with it, canceled the mosque's electricity subscription and dismantled the meter and cables.


Although the officials who collected the electric money of the church mosque demanded the payment of bills and the re-issue of electricity, this was not possible. Boğaziçi Elektrik said in a statement that their subscriptions were canceled and therefore they had to be admitted again.


The mosque's interior, which can not be warmed due to lack of electricity, is almost like ice. For this reason, it was learned that the mosque community had very serious complaints.

Only five months of the year used for heating systems Bosphorus Electricity Authorities do not accept any justification, but mosque officials "give us some time.

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