Friday , October 22 2021

The mobile phone loan will have a maturity of 6 months


Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency (BRSA)
Mobile phone purchase price is over 3500 TL
announced that the maturity of the loans would be six months.

BDDK Statement "Mobile phone with pricing above TL 3 000 500
Up to 6 months to 30 April. T.
should be implemented as 12 months before. ,
"information provided to the public" said the following:

Süre However
as of February 1, since the extension
To buy mobile phones with a value above TL 3500
the need to clarify the deadline to be applied as six months
has been. "

BRSA Chair "continues until the end of APRIL"

BRSA President Mehmet Ali Akben, "3,000 Over 500 TL Mobile Phone Purchases
The 12-month payment option for loans was extended to the end of April
the statement will be "done.

On November 27, 2018, BRSA announced that
The number of contributions to mobile phones is limited to 6 months
and 12 payments by January 31st.

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