Tuesday , January 25 2022

The Ministry of Health's explanation of the growing number of flu cases


According to Health Ministry officials flu (fluIt is often defined as a contagious airway disease that begins in October until the end of April.

It is emphasized that in these months a significant increase in the number of patients is expected, but not as an epidemic but as an active seasonal influenza period.

Influenza virus, influenza viruses are many types of subtype factors. Over the years, common influenza viruses in the Community are constantly changing.

Health Ministry officials found the following assessment of current flu cases in Turkey:

"As the number of patients with influenza in Turkey and growth in Europe and in the northern hemisphere has been seen in recent weeks, can continue. When an increase in the number of patients with influenza is widespread compared to previous flu seasons, the growth seems to be similar. Influenza virus is an A (H3N2) influenza virus.

However, other respiratory viruses that cause flu-like illnesses are also involved in circulation. The dominance of other respiratory viruses in circulation varies with the season. The early influenza season is dominated by rhinovirus, which causes colds, while the last few weeks have been dominated by the respiratory syncytial virus affecting children under 5 years of age.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has made recommendations that influenza vaccination is the most effective method of protection against influenza.

The flu vaccine is renewed every year, including subtypes of 3 or 4 influenza viruses that were the most infectious in the previous year, and the previous year's vaccines are not being used.

As in other countries, in Turkey also make all health institutions free flu vaccines to people every year with the Ministry of Health recipes with risk groups.

In 2009, like a swine flu pandemic around the world, influenza viruses can get people to migrate to humans and cause a pandemic that affects the whole world. However, these viruses lose their ability to cause an epidemic within a few years and will be among the seasonal influenza factors in the coming years.

Health Ministry officials are therefore "swine flu" during a pandemic that not only affects the whole world, paying attention to: "Nowadays, after the epidemic, seasonal influenza factors are not defined as swine flu," he stressed.

Emphasizing the importance of influenza treatment, the authorities emphasize the importance of starting treatment as early as possible, and stresses that treatment initiated within the first 48 hours after the onset of symptoms is more effective.


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