Sunday , June 4 2023

The last minute … the terrible accident Van! Death and injuries …


Van and irregular migrants who were trafficked by illegal migrants in the Bahçezaray area when 16 injured people were injured as a result of a driver and two illegal immigrants were sent to the Van Regional Studies and Research Center.

According to information received, the Karapet Passage Muhammed Mustafa Çınar district of 3,000 km, which carries out irregular migrants, has a 34 ZF 3395 minibus, which is not explained, for some reason, is delivered to the shoulder blade.

In the event of an accident, 5 irregular migrants lost their lives in the van, 16 were injured.

Citizens of ambulances and citizens of the Bahrain State Hospital with heavy-headed instruments and two irregular migrants who were removed from the Van Regional Training and Research Hospital.

13 cases of illegal migrants continue.


At the same time, 49 illegal migrants were caught in a reserved minibus, about 500 meters from the site of the accident.

The Van Gandarmerie team, reported on a road accident in a road accident between Pakistan and Afghanistan, traveled 49 illegal migrants, detained a driver.

Irregular migrants who were delivered to the ISE Burned Regional School District were given food and provided accommodation.

Illegal migrants will be transferred to the Migration Board after the start of the procedure.


One of the first to come after the incident, the AK party president Cumali Sabırlı, said 4 of the illegal migrants on the spot, someone died in the hospital.

Pointing out that gendarmerie, safety and health groups mobilized for injured, Sabirli said that 21 people were placed in a vehicle for 7 people. We will be our guests until tomorrow, and then they will be taken to the appropriate institution. We drove out of our young brothers and sisters. We are sorry. the expressions used.

The residents who intercepted the injured Timur Demirth said an incident was spotted as soon as the accident, the Gendarmerie, the safety and health teams informed the injured and sent to the hospital. Come on stage. " he said.

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