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The golden kilogram dropped to 212 thousand. Pounds


The golden kilogram dropped to 212 thousand. Pounds

in 2011. Jul 18:10:39

The bullion market of the Borsa Istanbul Precious and Gemstone Market (CCITT) fell to 212 thousand. Pound

In the gold market, the lowest price is 211 thousand 700, the highest of 213 thousand pounds sterling, 250 pounds from standard gold pounds, the previous value has decreased by 0.56% compared with 212 000 pounds.

The total volume of transactions within the framework of CCMT was 173 million 206 thousand 565.36 TL, the transaction amount was 819 kilograms. The total sales volume of all metals was 174 million 465 thousand 39.49 thousand TL.

The most important trading companies on the gold exchange today are Trojan Precious Metals, Nadir Stock Exchange and Precious Metals, Vakıf Participation Bank, Istanbul Gold Processing Plant, Turk Economy Bank.

Data for today's transactions is as follows:

Previous Close 213,200.00 1236.00
The lowest 211,700.00 1228.20
The highest 213,250.00 1235.55
closure 212,000.00 1236.00
Weighted average value 212,842.31 1232.20
Total Sales (TL) 173,206,565.36
Total sales (kg) 818.50
Total number of transactions 39

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