Saturday , June 10 2023

Speculators try to raise the price of dry onions "


CİHAN OKUR – Celalettin Celik, Chairman of the Oluzlu Agricultural Companies Board, speculators are trying to raise the price of onions, creating panic in the air, he said.

Steel, an AA correspondent, said in a statement on the price of dry onions, although the situation in the last few days to 4 pounds was said to be priced.

They produce an average of 20,000 tons of bulbs per year, Turkey says it corresponds to 2 percent of the bulbs needed for steel, "Prices from the season and louder, we would not be this way, it's opportunism, trade colleagues, which turned out to be opportunism, the beginning of Amasya's season begins, when at the moment speculators are trying to raise prices, creating panic, "he said.

The steel crop is all over the country and the product is removed from the warehouse, stating that Steel said:

"A record store of onions, onions is a disease that in some regions due to the disease our rights, but" without bulbs in Turkey, the price will be about 10 times. "Using such expressions causes significant damage to both the manufacturer and the consumer. We export. Our country exports almost a thousand tons of product daily.

Steel, underlining the fact that at the normal price level, opportunism remained, "Only the supply and demand question is not an issue, the people always hurt. You play one onion and potatoes shit. This is reflected by our consumers and our producers, both ours Turkish potatoes also bulbs themselves much in a position to feed. make available property in the hands of speculators 3-5 in the avant-garde. "There are a lot of bulbs in Turkey, we want nobody should think of," he said.

"Onion gain increased"

Amasya Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet's leader also said that, compared with last year, rose bulb harvest Amasya, Turkey's most important production centers for onions.

The head said that this year the harvest is high, but in some regions prices have increased due to various diseases caused by bulbs. The driver, up to 6 pounds in the beginning of the season, had an onion price of up to 2.5 pounds, but now again said that the increase.

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