Monday , March 1 2021

Series ratings have changed the mindset!

The TV channel was the new episode of the Sen Koy series in your name, which played the Star TV screen last season. The Star TV series, the series of days, called "you placed the screen", made the screen the final section 390. Last year, with a high ranking, the series could not achieve the same success this year.

Following the advent of the screen, TRT 1 Star TV was transferred to the new TV8 & # 39; boss Acun Ilıcalı title series From Monday, 5th of November, it began to be published.


According to Medieval news: TV8 screens a week each day, meeting with the audience at noon. 18.45, unfortunately did not provide the desired success and gradual decline in rating lists.


Acun Ilıcalı pushed the button and made a decision about the flash when the directory that he moved on to his channel, with great expectations, gradually decreased.


In roles; Monday, November 12 at noon 12:30, Zenks Torun, Özlem Deniz Durmaz, Tuğçe Ersoy Gökberk Demirci, Mert Öcal and Dünya Aydoğdu will be released.


Leading actors Denis Durmas and Cenk Torun thanked the audience by announcing that they had a nice fit. Deniz Durmaz, who plays the character of Deniz Aziz in the series, "We are very happy and proud of our new channel. We are grateful to the audience that did not leave us alone Bizi he expressed anxiety about the new transfer.

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