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Poco F1 DxOMark results announced

The Poco F1 camera's DxOMark values ​​are released, which continue to clear medium-range media.

Poco F1, previously announced to be available in 960 frames / sec and slow motion modes, is still one of the mid-range major phones. The Poco F1 camera's DxOMark values ​​are determined by the attention it draws both in sales and constantly increasing the phone to the highest level.

In our country, Poco F1, which was sold in the 2.500 TL range, was designed for DxOMark values. At the end of the test, Poco F1 received 92 photos in the photo category and 90 video categories. The iPhone 8 video category with this result, but also the ability to capture 93 points in the photo category was one step behind the device.

According to the test results, the phone works great in both video and photo mode, especially when focusing automatically. However, contrast and white balance are very successful outdoors. The device's performance in the dark is moderate compared to its equivalents.

Poco F1 detailed DxOMark review with many comparative photos here This can be achieved by clicking on.


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