Tuesday , February 7 2023

Pınar Altuğ replied to the comments


Following the claim that her singer Ahmed Kural won her singer, Stella's social media began to worry about the actions taken on this issue. In particular, many famous women showed that they were with women who were subjected to violence both in their actions and in their writings.

One of these names was Pınar Altuğ. Many years ago, Altug shared a photo of a social responsibility campaign she was involved in violence against women.

Pınar Altuğ's response to his followers who accused him of unbelief was extremely harsh. Here are the comments on Pınar Altuğ and his replies:

Bir When you do this in one of your communities, this violence is immediately rebellious. You transmit support messages from another. Why do not you listen so much when you're killed, but dozens of poor women who do not go anywhere are being abused. Get these legs, your job is your power to advertise

Pınar Altuğ: The picture you saw earlier was taken a few years ago to support the campaign of violence against women. I want to ask you what were you doing to women around you? Do you have a free time to attack me? Banana

War, I think, you will do all the films of fraud, violence, horror rape, then say on television, we are against the excessive use of violence in social media! It's like waiting for potatoes under the apple you've finished.

Pınar Altuğ: Init, I think you do not have any information about the works I've been to this day. First of all, I recommend that you use Internet capabilities and then attack. At least you do not fall into the funny situation of En

"We do not have a voice for the murder of our brothers in the suburbs! What has happened, you are surprised at what you will do if any of you are two?"

Pınar Altuğ: Üz This is a photo that has been a long time for women during the campaign. But you will see how you want to look. I would like to ask you what you have done so far? Ben

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