Tuesday , February 7 2023

Ministry to protect the bakery – News


The Ministry of Commerce has introduced a new measure for bakers, which prevents them from raising bread. Last week, 1 kilogram of bread for large chain markets from bread to take at least 85 cents from the requirement of small business ministries, such as groceries, buffet style at a rate of 80 cents. Thus the baker will be protected.

GREAT market chains, 85 kilograms of bread from bread; Small businesses, such as grocery stores, a buffet, etc. will not get below 80. In this way, the pressure on the bakers to sell "cheap" to reduce losses in an attempt to prevent damage. Big markets will be able to return to 5 percent of the bread they receive from May May. Accordingly, a thousand bread markets, it will only be able to return to 50. Thus, the Department of Commerce is trying to save some of the 5 million breads that are used on a daily basis.

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The Ministry of Commerce is endeavoring to support bakers who want to raise the price of bread after a sharp rise in flour prices and rising electricity and natural gas prices. On 28 September, the ministry supplemented the Retail Regulation to eliminate a large store and bread market to buy bread cheaper from the kilns through the acquisition of Bakanlık. "The amount to be paid for the unit amount must not be less than 85 percent of the maximum price of the tariff," the bread was reduced to the supermarket's bread supply below the market of 85 cents.
The ministry yesterday suspended 80% of restrictions for small businesses, such as food and groceries. Thus, small businesses, such as a grocery store, grocery store and buffet, will not be able to buy bread from a bakery that is at least 80 years old.


The ministry's informative note highlighted that the retail market should be free to compete. However, "the necessary legal and administrative measures are still being taken, which must be implemented in accordance with the law, taking into account the economic conditions of our country," emphasized the emphasis. In this context, it seeks to protect manufacturers against retailers and suppliers, to use resources effectively and to avoid waste by changing the Retail Regulation.

President of the Federation of Bread in Turkey, Halil Ibrahim Balci, It is important to maintain the quality of the bread by keeping the producer in order to prevent unfair competition by pointing out that "20 percent of the grocery store's profit margin is also reasonable. But different breads and optional products will be priced at free market conditions. for bread, and we said that we have acknowledged it to be very positive.


President of the Federation of Bread Balci in Turkey "Large stores, chain stores and suppliers may, during a day received from a producer of goods in accordance with the first subparagraph, be returned on the grounds that, on the basis of the fact that" 5% of the goods were not returned on the basis of " : "If the chain market bakes 100 buns, it can return to 5 of the most. sometimes he returned half of it, the cost is also set to us. Now more restrained credit, the compensation will decrease. Turkey, which produced 100 million whole days, bread, it's 95100000 consumed. 4 million and 900000 maize goes to waste. In front of the bread, the ministry was wasted away from the return restrictions "An essential limitation to both cost reduction and waste."

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