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Mehmet Günsür painful day – What is Mehmet Günsür?


In Italy, director Katerina Mongio and his children, Maya, Ali, live together with Cloe's actor Mehmet Günsür & # 39; in, a 78-year-old father who was treated from Teoman Günsür.

After the death of the first plane in Istanbul, Guinea's father held a funeral ceremony.

Ginserts, his wife and children, as well as Selman Ergenç, Tülin Özen, Güven Kıraç, Sarp Akkaya, Ece Sükan, Berrak Tüzünataç, Halit Ergenç and Engin Öztürk participated in the funeral of the Zincirlikai mosque. About when emotional moments were experienced, Mehmet Günsür told the participants.

Günsür, who for some time met to talk with friends and friends, then his father left his last trip. Teoman's Ginsier's funeral prayer was performed after an afternoon prayer. After the prayers of the burials, taken by the funeral graveyard, he was buried in a funeral vehicle, who was buried in the Zinkirlikaya Cemetery.

Halit Ergenç, speaking about funerals, said Hal: These things are happening to us all. After all, we understand the importance of the moment we live here. These days are deeply rooted friendships that remind people of self-esteem. There is nothing to do with the outgoing, anyone who helps. I have not met Teoman, but his wife was my high school teacher. Therefore, the Mehmet Günsürz family is a very nice family, God will make his happiness and spirit for his fellow humans. Dolayısıyla

Engin Öztürk said: Engin is right for us all. May God leave his soul. After the dead, nothing needs to be done

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