Sunday , February 28 2021

MasterChef phenomenon rival Murat, disqualified

MasterChef is published on TV8's Turkish section, issued Tuesday night, November 13th, the cheer-winner of the strange behavior of Murat Öztürk. In the last Uğur, Kerem and Meltem parts, the jury decided to take a radical decision and disqualify Murat, which is the most spectacular competition.


Masterchef's final chapter for eliminating Turkey from excitement took place on Tuesday night's display. Uğur, Kerem and Melten fought for the best lasania elimination round. However, MasterChef Murat in Turkey, whom friends and competitors are heads of the test. Murat constantly fought from the upper part of the studio and created strange movements, especially the jury caught everyone. After his movements, Murat Ozturk was released from the studio. However, the shocked decision was made on Muratu, who suffered from the jury.

MURAT disconnected

For professional cooks MasterChef Turkey Mehmet Yalcinkaya, Hazen Amani and Somer Sivrioğlu, including collecting the jury decided to disqualify Murat Ozturk. The members of the jury, in a statement on Murat's decision, stated: "Today we have experienced sad events. In fact, we have a history of it. We have called the leaders we know here. We have made this decision in the light of its attitude.


We made this decision unanimously. Murat is not compatible with the Turkish Masterchef of his movements. We could wait for a while and think it would be fine. But that did not happen. "


Murat Öztürk participated in the Yemekteyiz program, which was first published on TV8, and then was taken to the Onur Büyükktopçu server. Murat, who participated in MasterChef, was the most striking title of the competition with his movements. Murat Öztürk was allegedly Survivor 2019 to compete with Turkish-Greek.

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