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Latest news Fenerbahce in the ‘opportunity’ match


Canary, disappointed in the failure against Besiktas, will increase his score to 23 if he wins and catches leader Alanya Porsa today, who ended the week with defeat. 8 players will not be able to play before this critical game in yellow and blue.

Fenerbahce will be a guest of Yukatel Denizlispor in the Premier League today. The Yellow and Navy team, which lost 4 times 3 to Besiktas in the derby last week, will increase their score to 23 if they win and equalize today with leader Aytemiz Alanjaspor, who ended the week with a defeat. Fenerbachche will not play with the suspended Gustav, Lemos, Ademia, Perothy and Samatta, who are still injured, and Nazim, Harun and Sinan, who have training shortcomings. Sakibs, Özgür and Dossevi are injured in Denizlispora.

Yellow and dark blue technical manager Erol Buluts said in talks with the footballers on weekdays that they should continue without losses until the 15th week, when they will endure the “farewell”. Buluts stressed that they must win the matches of Denizli, Yen Malatya, Gaziantep and Bashaksehir in this process.


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On the other hand, it was reported that sharing called “Remember”, which was removed from the official Denizlispor club Twitter account earlier in the week and later deleted, was an additional source of motivation for Fenerbahçe. While the tweet referred to the Denizli match of 2005-2006. In the year Fenerbachche lost to the draw with a draw of 1-1, it was learned that Volkan Demirel, Mehmet Aurelio, Mehmet Yozgatlī and Selchuk Şahin, who were on that day, motivated the players by telling them what happened that day.

Latest news  Fenerbahce in the 'opportunity' match

Latest news

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