Monday , August 19 2019
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Last minute … Istanbulites pay attention! Coming soon

Road traffic on the E-5 road took place especially on the Asian side of Asia. Some people were killed so that they were not ready for rain, but those who followed the weather were cautious. Precipitation is expected to be effective at night and tomorrow morning. Officials warned of possible negative signs that might come from warning people who warned.

LODOS is effective SİLİVRİ

On the other hand, from noon, Silivri had a negative impact on life. There were 3 meter waves in the sea. The pavement, which is located on the shore side, was dug and paved. For those who walk along the beach with a swimmer on the beach, it was difficult.


According to the Directorate-General for Meteorology, tomorrow the country is fragmented and very cloudy, east of Marmara, east of the Mediterranean, east of central Anatolia, the Black Sea, eastern and south-eastern Anatolia is estimated to be in the surrounding environment.

Rainfall and rainfall, eastern Black Sea, north and eastern Anatolia, and Sivas and Yozgat are generally expected to rain and rain and snow.

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